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"Cropped Out Mediums of Society"
PIC00003 2
"Forever Sand"
"Concrete Gold"
"Between Nervous & Awkward"
"Inconsistent Time"

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"Movement Piece #2"
"My Human Trip"
"Reflected Rows"
"Slow Fade Out"
"Sunshine Skin"
"Cloudy Consideration"
"When Nature Mimics"
"Softer Ground"
"Plastic Lines"
"Foamy Days"
"Framing Palettes"
"SideBySide InTheMind"

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"Nothing But Forever Shapes"
"Floating Spaces"
"Green Metal Dances Alone"
"Mercury Veins"
"Alternating Faces"
"Shapes of Copenhagen"
"Don't Look Too Deep"
"Microwave Clone"
"The Truman Show"
"Bent Lens"
"Repeated Repeater"
"Transposing Myself"

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